Berlin International Film Scoring Competition

BIFSC offers emerging Film Composers the platform to showcase their work and compete to receive multiple Awards

Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2020

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Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2020

Award Winners & Finalists

First Prize Winner

Gianfranco Pedroli

Second Prize Winner

Nikita Yamov

Third Prize Winner

Danilo Silva Aguiar


Gage Behnkendorf
Francesco Berta
Kwangho Cho
Hakan Glante
Wilkus van der Hoven

Tony Lavaud

Ioannes Papanikolaou


Our participants for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2020, had to compose an original score for the film 'ESCAPE', a cinematic poem about the world-changing power of invention

Below you can watch the 3 Award-Winning scores

Gianfranco Pedroli

1st Prize Winner

Nikita Yamov

2nd Prize Winner

Danilo Silva Aguiar

3rd Prize Winner



A cinematic poem about the world-changing power of invention



This is a no-sound version of the film 

Escape invites the audience to imagine and experience a joyous vision of the future. It is a story of persistence and passion that is intended to inspire individuals to never give up on their hopes and dreams. 

After crash-landing on a desolate planet, a lone space explorer must find a way to make her new home habitable. The teenage heroine is an older version of the central character in our Emmy award–winning film, Silent, known there as “the Kid.” This intrepid character displays courage, passion, determination, and curiosity as she transforms the barren landscape she has found into a beautiful planet.


DIRECTORS: Limbert Fabian, Brandon Oldenburg

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Lampton Enochs, Vince Voron

PRODUCERS: Trish Farnsworth­Smith, Angus McGilpin


EDITOR: Calvin O’Neal Jr.

MUSIC by Imogen Heap

SOUND SCORE by Nick Ryan


AUDIO MIX TECHNICAL LEAD: Matt Desborough, Jurgen Scharpf

RE­RECORDING MIXER: Adam Daniels, Graham Daniels



BIFSC is open to composers of all ages and nationalities. The process is simple: A short film of no longer than 5 minutes in total duration is given to the participants in high resolution. Each composer will have to compose the original music for the film. The composition must be solely original to the composer. A judging panel of renowned professionals from the film industry will review the submissions and vote for up to 10 finalists and 3 Prize Winners.



Don't miss a deadline

This is your time table for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2021, plan ahead and deliver on time


15th of October - 15th of December

Early Bird Deadline:

15 October 2020 - 14 November 2020

30 Euros

Regular Deadline:

15 November 2020- 15 December 2020

40 Euros

Film sent to participants

After Registration

Each participant will receive the selected film in high resolution to score the music for the competition.

Deadline day

15th of January 2021
18.00 pm GMT

This is your day. Time to deliver your music on film and celebrate!

Finalists Announced

7th of February 2021

Up to 10 finalists will be announced

Each finalist will receive a diploma for their achievement to be selected in the 10 best Original Scores at the BIFSC

1st of March 2020

3 Award Winners will be announced. 

2020 Awards List

Overall Winner

1st Runner-up

2nd Runner-up




Compose a Winning Score

Registrations for the BIFSC2020 

are now closed



Fredi Devas

Filmaker / Producer

Primetime Emmy nominee Dr. Fredi Devas is a wildlife filmmaker who cares deeply about the natural world and the challenges it faces. Having worked on Meerkat Manor and Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures, he joined the BBC to work on Frozen Planet and then Wild Arabia. On Planet Earth II he decided to leave the wildernesses behind to produce and direct.

Lesley Jackson

Composer Agent

Lesley established UK Film Music in March 2019 following several years representing and managing prominent and award-winning composers from the UK and mainland Europe. With a career history including international marketing and the Visual Arts, Lesley is keen to bring a different approach to representation.

Michalis Lapidakis


Michalis is an active composer, Professor of Composition at the Aristotle University and the Head of the New Music Lab. He studied along side great musical minds of the 20th century

such as O. Messiaen, W. P. Boulez, T. Takemitsu, and I. Xenakis

Mihali Paleologou


Mihali Palaeologou is a composer based in Berlin. His award winning music has been performed in Europe, USA, Japan, China and Australia. He is a passionate Film Music educator and conductor. Mihali is the Artistic Director of the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition and Founder of the

Fusion Film Scoring Workshops

Maxim Zhestkov

Director / Visual Artist

Maxim Zhestkov is a visual artist and motion designer based in Russia. He created and directed the film "Sputnik", selected for the first Berlin International Film Scoring Competition. His main passions are animation, design and cinematography which he combines for clients around the globe including Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Fox, MTV, IDEO, BMW,

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