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Berlin International Sound Design Competition

BIFSC offers emerging Sound Designers for Film, TV & Games the platform to showcase their work and compete to receive multiple Awards and unique networking opportunities.


Berlin International Sound Design Competition


First Prize Winner 
Joachim Nyholm

Second Prize Winner 
Vladimir Trofimov
Third Prize Winner​ 
Young Lin Kim


(Finalists in alphabetical order)

Adam Chilcote

Hed Gilboa

Giacomo Goldbecker
Guillaume Martin

Sarah Garcia Sarria

Luis M del Pozo Tenor

Jihad Zgheib

Berlin International Sound Design Competition


Below you can watch the 3 Award-Winning Sound Designs

Joachim Nyholm

1st Prize Winner

Vladimir Trofimov

2nd Prize Winner

Young Lin Kim
3rd Prize Winner


Lost in Time

This channel is coming soon!

 Lost In Time

Animated Short Film by Objectif 3D


Two children play in a temple. One of them touches a mysterious sphere and suddenly time stands still.


Objectif 3D 

Modling: Benjamin Bes, Sebastien Evrard, Mickael Olivieri.

Rigging: Lucas Pancarte, Mickael Olivieri.

Character Simulation: Sebastien Evrard, Lucas Pancarte, Mickael Olivieri.

Animation: Yohan Blazquez, Alba Cazes Barry, Meline Delage, Valerian Delamare, Vincent Ferrer, Jonathan Louis, Audrey Marion, Antsa Ratsimbason,

Lighting/ Shading: Roxane Commincioli, Chrystel Curens, Fabien Delavous, Maxime Dominici, Esteban Genre Jazelet, Guillaume Lafaye, Pauline Vincensini. Matte Painting: Chrystel Curens,

Fx: Esteban Genre Jazelet

Sound: Mathieu Parisot Voices: Ines Azma, Jonathan Louis.

Sound Design / Mix : Christian Cartier, Luc Aureille.


Don't miss a deadline

This is your time table, plan ahead and deliver on time



1st of July- 1st of September

Early Bird Deadline:

1st July 2023 - 31st July 2023

30 Euros

Regular Deadline:

1st August 2023 - 1st of September 2023

40 Euros

Film sent to participants

After Registration

After registering each participant will receive an award-winning short film of an approximate duration of 5 minutes in high resolution to create the original Sound Design for the competition.

Deadline day

21st of  September 2023
18.00 pm GMT 

This is your day. Time to deliver your ​Sound Design on film and celebrate!