Berlin International Sound Design Competition

BIFSC offers emerging Sound Designers for Film, TV & Games the platform to showcase their work and compete to receive multiple Awards and unique networking opportunities.



Don't miss a deadline

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1st of July- 1st of September

Early Bird Deadline:

1st July 2022 - 31st July 2022

30 Euros

Regular Deadline:

1st August 2022 - 1st of September 2022

40 Euros

Film sent to participants

After Registration

After registering each participant will receive an award-winning short film of an approximate duration of 5 minutes in high resolution to create the original Sound Design for the competition.

Deadline day

21st of  September 2022
18.00 pm GMT 

This is your day. Time to deliver your ​Sound Design on film and celebrate!

Winners and Finalists Announced

7th of October 2022

3 Overall Winners will be Announced

Up to 10 finalists will be announced and their names will be published on BIFSC website. 


Lost in Time

Lost in Time BIFSC2022
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 Lost In Time

Animated Short Film by Objectif 3D


Two children play in a temple. One of them touches a mysterious sphere and suddenly time stands still.


Objectif 3D 

Modling: Benjamin Bes, Sebastien Evrard, Mickael Olivieri.

Rigging: Lucas Pancarte, Mickael Olivieri.

Character Simulation: Sebastien Evrard, Lucas Pancarte, Mickael Olivieri.

Animation: Yohan Blazquez, Alba Cazes Barry, Meline Delage, Valerian Delamare, Vincent Ferrer, Jonathan Louis, Audrey Marion, Antsa Ratsimbason,

Lighting/ Shading: Roxane Commincioli, Chrystel Curens, Fabien Delavous, Maxime Dominici, Esteban Genre Jazelet, Guillaume Lafaye, Pauline Vincensini. Matte Painting: Chrystel Curens,

Fx: Esteban Genre Jazelet

Sound: Mathieu Parisot Voices: Ines Azma, Jonathan Louis.

Sound Design / Mix : Christian Cartier, Luc Aureille.

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Every participant

in the Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2022

will receive 

A 3-month ZAP II license from Zynaptiq

35 Days Soundly Pro Subscription

 A Copy of the Forest Ambiences Library by Silverplatter Audio

Details and promo codes will be provided upon registration to the competition.

3 Award Winners will be announced. 


The three (3) Award Winning Sound Designs will be sent to all the composers participating in the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2023, laying the grounds for future collaborations, and providing one of the most important networking opportunities in the film industry for Sound Designers. The Composers will be able to choose between the three (3) Winning Sound Designs and use the one they prefer together with their original Composition for their participation in the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition.




1st  Prize

+ 300€ Prize money

Zap II Bundle from Zynaptiq

Weaponiser Fully Loaded from KROTOS  

The Everything Bundle (All products) from Silverplatter Audio 

All Sound Packs from Empty Sea Audio

One Year Soundly Pro Subscription from Soundly

Four (4) SFX Libraries from Sonicsalute

Four (4) SFX Libraries from Fox Audio Post-Production

+ Award Diploma

+ Representation of your work by BIFSC


2nd Prize

Sound Design Bundle from Zynaptiq

Reformer Pro Loaded from KROTOS  

25 Libraries from Silverplatter Audio

Sci-Fi Bundle from Empty Sea Audio

One Year Soundly Pro Subscription from Soundly

Two (2)  SFX Libraries from Sonicsalute

Four  (4) SFX Libraries from Fox Audio Post-Production

Award Diploma

+ Representation of your work by BIFSC

3rd Prize

Dehumaniser 2 from KROTOS  

One Year Soundly Pro Subscription from Soundly

Morph from Zynaptiq

10 Libraries from Silverplatter Audio

Two (2) SFX Libraries from Sonicsalute

Four  (4) SFX Libraries from Fox Audio Post-Production

Dronos from Empty Sea Audio

+ Award Diploma

+ Representation of your work by BIFSC

BIFSC Logo transparent short gold.png


Create a Winning Sound Design

Registrations for the Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2022 are now closed.

Registrations for the Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2023 will open on the
1st of July 2023


BIFSC is open to Sound Designers of all ages and nationalities. The process is simple: A short Animation Film no longer than 5 minutes in total duration is given to the participants in high resolution. Each Sound Designer will have to create the original Foley&SFX for the film. The Sound Design must be solely original to the Participant. A judging panel of renowned professionals from the film industry will review the submissions and vote for up to 10 finalists and 3 Prize Winners.


Fredi Devas Colour Photo.png

Fredi Devas

Filmmaker - Producer

Primetime Emmy nominee Dr. Fredi Devas is a wildlife filmmaker who cares deeply about the natural world and the challenges it faces. Having worked on Meerkat Manor and Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures, he joined the BBC to work on Frozen Planet and then Wild Arabia. On Planet Earth II he decided to leave the wildernesses behind to produce and direct.


Peter Albrechtsen

Sound Designer 
Mixer, Music Supervisor

Peter Albrechtsen is an award-winning Danish sound designer, mixer and music supervisor working on both feature films and documentaries. Recent credits include festival favorites The Distant Barking of Dogs, Blind Spot, Thelma and sound effects recording for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 2017. Peter also works as a music supervisor and has collaborated with internationally acclaimed musicians like Jóhann Jóhannsson, Antony Hegarty, and Efterklang. 

Ali Tocher Photo.png

Ali Tocher

Audio Designer

 A 2020 BAFTA Breakthrough Participant, Ali is the founder of LookListen Game Audio, an outsourcing company that provides audio department services to game studios. Specializing in making bespoke soundscapes with non-traditional techniques, Ali's career in sound has seen him work in games, film, TV, live broadcast, advertising, Virtual Reality, live music, and contemporary art installations. 

Bo Li Photo.JPG

Bo Li

Sound Designer

Bo LI is an award-winning Sound Designer. The 3rd Prize Winner of the Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2019, he created the Sound Design for the Oscar Student Academy Awards Gold Medal winning animation film Unforgotten. Bo Li is now a Sound Design Clinical Assistant Professor at the Arizona State University. He also works as a sound designer for theme parks, museums, art installations, live theater productions, and cinema at Earsup Sound Design in California.

mp photo new.jpg

Mihali Paleologou


Mihali Paleologou is a composer based in Berlin. His award winning music has been performed in Europe, USA, Japan, China and Australia. He is a passionate Film Music educator and conductor. Mihali is the Artistic Director of the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition and Founder of Fusion Film Scoring Workshops. Mihali 


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