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Full Awards for the 3 Prize Winners

 First Prize Winner

The First Prize Winner of the Berlin International Sound Design Competition will receive the following Awards

Cash Prize

300 Euros cash prize


Zap II Boundle from Zynaptiq


The Cutting Edge, Season 2

The version 2 upgrade of Zynaptiq’s highly acclaimed ZAP Bundle combines all eight of our AI and source separation-based plugins into a single, value-packed processing suite. Restore your sound's natural frequency response, remove reverb and masking effects, reduce codec/denoiser artifacts, and modify pitches within mixed music on the fly. Create unheard new hybrid sounds, drones, and morphing transitions, and boost or attenuate drums in mixed music. Add punch to your drum stems, mutate, beautify, cross-filter, or polish your sounds, and even add the only ultra-lush, musical reverb that tracks your audio’s harmonics. All in real-time, with a lightning-fast workflow, and with award-winning quality. Add the future of audio processing to your toolkit now with ZAP II – The Zynaptiq Audio Processors Bundle, Version 2

What's included in the ZAP II Bundle:

Zap II Stripe.png
Zapp II compbine image.png

Zynaptiq - Science, Not Fiction

Located in Hannover, Germany, Zynaptiq creates technology and applications for processing, analyzing, categorizing, and generating audio-visual data.

We utilize state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and signal processing techniques and draw on a combined 40-year background in professional software development and audio production.

Zynaptiq was founded by Denis H. Goekdag (CEO) and Stephan M. Bernsee (CTO) in 2011.


A Weaponiser Fully Loaded from KROTOS

Krotos Logo 1920x1080.png

Single Plugin

weaponiser thick stripe.png

Generate infinite sound variations, and save hours of editing time

Weaponiser is the powerful sound design sampler that allows you to design, customize, and perform a huge range of sound effects at high speed – all from within one plugin. Transform your sound design with endless flexibility and fuel your creativity with Weaponiser!

Choose from a diverse range of included sound library categories, easily accessible through the tag-driven browser via simple drag-and-drop. Import these into Weaponiser’s customized engines to design your components and layers with ease – Onset, Body, Thump, and Tail. Weaponiser also includes a huge range of designed presets, straight out of the box to get you started immediately.

Silver Platter Audio

The Everything Bundle (all products) from Silverplatter Audio

Silver Platter Audio low q logo.png
Sound Libraris SilverPlatter
Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 11.30.17.png


We are a group of veteran sound designers, enthusiastic about our craft, who want to offer useful and relevant information to other sound designers, as well as offer convenient, professional sound libraries at a great price. 



Marvel. Behaviour. Warner Brothers. Square Enix. Eidos.



We offer all our high-quality audio packs tagged with descriptive metadata that makes it easy to find and integrate into your project. We are also here to share out experiences in the trenches and to hopefully help you get your project on the shelves so to speak. Thanks for checking us out, and we hope you enjoy browsing the audio.



We are focused on helping make the transition from high-quality audio to the audience as easily and with the most pleasing results as possible. Great sound begins with great recordings, and creativity blooms with a diverse and deep sound pallet to work with. 



Literally each sound we put out is placed through a curation process based on simply this: Would we, in our many years of experience in the field, be excited about the packs that we offer?  The answer to that has to be yes, otherwise the product will not get published.

All Sound Packs by Empy Sea Audio


Empty Sea Audio is a creative audio group that embodies the future of post production sound. If your project is in need of high quality, story-driven sound, you’ve come to the right place. You’re most likely battling a limited budget and an impossible schedule. What you don’t need is to be paying for people and overhead that aren’t directly adding value to your project. What you do need is an artistic partner that understands the unique challenges you face and can safely guide you through them. A partner that is nimble enough to adapt quickly to your needs. One that knows when it comes to sound, story comes first.

Our award-winning experience and dynamic industry connections span feature films, games, VR, commercials, television, music, and the web. We are your creative audio partner and we can get you to the finish line on time and on budget. No matter how large or small your project, we understand that your bar is high. Empty Sea Audio can take your project beyond! Post Production Sound, Original Music Composition, Mixing and Recording. We’ve got you covered.



One Year Pro Subscription from Soundly


The Complete Sound Effects Platform

Find your perfect sound in the massive Soundly cloud library, use our powerful search engine on your local files, and Drag&Drop sounds to your favourite tools!


A Gold Mine of Sound Effects in the Cloud

Find all the sound effects you'll ever need in our cloud library, and transfer them straight into your project in seconds! Soundly is relied upon daily by pros from Hollywood to Bollywood.


Your Local Files Organized

Effectively index and organize your entire local sound library, with best-in-class metadata support. Rediscover your audio libraries with Soundly!


Eerily Intelligent Search

Utilizing artificial intelligence, related searches, auto-complete, thesauruses, and curated collections, Soundly helps you search, index and manage your local and cloud-based libraries. Soundly makes discovering and designing sounds fun, easy, and creative.


Integrates with your Workflow & Tools. Anywhere.

Drag & drop sound effects into any audio or video editor, or use Soundly's integrations with the most popular post-production apps. Spot to Pro Tools, communicate with Premiere Pro, or send files to the Reaper time-line, and much more.

Sonic Salute

A bundle of four (4) SFX Libraries from Sonicsalute

SonicSalute Shake,Rattle and rumble.jpg

Shake, Rattle and Rumble

SonicSalute RockNRoll.jpg

Rock & Roll Dirt Debris

SonicSalute metalscrap.jpg

Metal Scrap

SonicSalute Falling Objects.jpg

Falling Objects

Sonic Salute is run by, Mikkel Nielsen.


Mikkel is a sound effects recordist, living in Elsinore Denmark, specializing in sound recording of all sorts ofexiting sources, both for libraries found on, and for features, tv- docs, Smartphone apps, museum installations and animations.

Sonic Salute is  constantly striving  to find find new and unique sources to record, and make a big effort in getting in touch with the right people to get permission to get the recordings right.

The goal is to get sound designers, and editors, hard to getquality sound effects, and ambiences for their projects.

Sonic Salutes libraries are recorded, and edited in 96K 24 bit. The delivery format is .wav stereo LR ,and or Mono/MS format, for versatility.

Each sound in the libraries has been carefully named and tagged for easy search in Soundminer etc.

Sonic Salute libraries have been packed in zip format. This means a smaller package to download, and at the same time, no compromises are made to the audio quality.

Fox Audio Post-Production

Logo_Color_ Fox Audio Post

Four (4) SFX Libraries from Fox Audio Post-Production

FOX Ghostwhoosh.png
FOX Weaponmech&reload.png
FoxProductions_Space Racer.png
FOX Mechanical Vocal.png

Fox Audio Post-Production is a dedicated audio service for video game and film post production.
We provide services like mixing, audio restoration, field recording, creative and interactive sound design.
Oh.. And we make high quality SFX for games, TV, movies, trailers, radio…

First Runner-up

The First Runner-up of the Berlin International Sound Design Competition will receive the following Awards


Sound Design Boundle from Zynaptiq


Shape Sound Like Never Before.

The DESIGN Bundle bundles three sound design powerhouses into one indispensable package. Design pads, drones, and ambiences, perform cross-filtering and add pristine, lush reverb that harmonically adapts to your audio with ADAPTIVERB. Combine features of two sources into unheard new hybrid sounds, and create smooth morphing transitions with MORPH 2. Transform your sounds with multi-effects processing ranging from the sublime to the otherworldly and extreme using WORMHOLE. Whether you are a sound designer, music producer, audio artist or film composer, the DESIGN Bundle is for you!

What's included in the Design Bundle:

Design bundle stripe.png
Design bundle compbine image.png


A Reformer Pro from KROTOS

Krotos Logo 1920x1080.png

Single Plugin


Reformer Pro is a unique ‘sound design instrument’, which transforms pre-recorded audio files into performable sound effect libraries in real-time via a microphone, MIDI controller or input audio fille.

It allows you to interact with sound like never before, saving you hours of editing and revitalising your existing library into new forms. It’s patented technology allows you to quickly add textures, easily replace any sound and discover inspirational new ways to maximise your sound design workflow.

The VST/AU/AAX plugin comes with the Krotos Bundle 1 Library for free. That’s over 3.8 GBof high-fidelity sounds and a huge saving to get you started.

An extensive array of the highest quality sound libraries for use with Reformer Pro is also available. Browse the full Reformer Pro Library range.

Silver Platter Audio

1st Runner Up: 25 Libraries of their choice from Silverplatter Audio

Silver Platter Audio low q logo.png
Sound Libraris SilverPlatter