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Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2022

1st Prize Winner 2022

Joachim Nyholm

Joachim Nyholm is a freelance sound designer and mixer working in animation and live-action. A background foley recording/editing, his initial work was crafting true-to-life sound effects. These days, however, he's venturing into the world of experimental sound design by manipulating everyday sounds to fit new purposes. Blending these two disciplines, Joachim creates unique soundtracks by counterbalancing the hyperreal with the otherworldly. 
His past work ranges from experimental short films to large-scale projects like Lego Star Wars, Lego Ninjago, and Borgen

Learn more about Joachim Nyholm HERE

Joachim Nyholm.jpg

" Joining the competition was rewarding in itself since it produced an awesome portfolio piece and opened up new ideas and ways of doing sound design. Winning the competition is an extra confidence booster and

I hope this can attract more similar projects". 

Watch the winning submission by Joachim Nyhom

2nd Prize Winner 2022

Vladimir Trofimov    

"Vladimir Trofimov is a re-recording mixer and sound designer for movies, TV series, commercials, and video games, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He has an experience with all aspects of audio post-production, he edited, designed, and mixed a wide range of projects. Vladimir collaborated with game developers, directors, video editors, and music composers to create optimal audio aesthetics. Today, he is a part of the leading team of sound designers at Bassline Sound Design Studio based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and also provides technical sound designing services to Heart Core Studio in Byala, Bulgaria."

You can find out more about Vladimir Trofimov HERE

Vladimir Trofimov.jpg

Watch the winning submission by Vladimir Trofimov

3rd Prize Winner 2022

Young Lin Kim       
South Korea

Young Lin Kim is a professional sound designer in the gaming industry. Prior to joining his current firm, he has spent several months in the advertising industry, publishing a number of TV commercials and advertisements for top Korean broadcasters.

He graduated from Hoseo University with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Music, where he has fostered a deep interest for film music and visual music. He was fascinated by how the sound effect of a film could deliver various emotions and decided to pursue Record Factory’s ‘Interactive Sound Design course.

The BIFSC Awards was an amazing opportunity that stimulated Young Lin's interest when he started learning sound design.

BIFSC was his first international competition challenge, and he plans to build a diverse career with various international competitions and a post-production portfolio


Watch the winning submission by Young Lin Kim

" It was always fascinating and intriguing to compare how the winners of BIFSC and my product narrated different stories and articulated different sound designs every year.

It is an honor to become one of the winners and my greatest pleasure to share my video which entails my emotion, endeavor, and passion with the participants and other sound designers worldwide.

Along with the recognition, I have also received various sound tools to enhance my creative work further. With the new resources, I would be able to articulate sounds that would not have been otherwise fulfilled it’s completeness.


Although it is prohibited for the winners to participate in the BIFSC competition again, I plan to continue producing sounds for the videos of BIFSC in coming years and compare my work with the winners as I did all along. 


Again, thank you very much for the quality experience provided by BIFSC". 

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