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Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2023


You can find out more about Adam Chilcote HERE

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1st Prize Winner 2023

Adam Chilcote

My name is Adam Chilcote. Ever since I was little, I have had a passion for finding, creating, and making noise. Ironically, I am a relatively quiet person who discovered that the easiest way for me to express complex emotion was through the manipulation of sound in various formats.  As I grew up, I found outlets to channel and shape the ideas in my head through music, education, and a desire to create. A little bit later in life, I took this desire to school and graduated from Missouri State University in 2022 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Arts (audio focus) and a minor in music composition. Professionally, I work a regular 9 to 5 type job and do freelance podcast sound editing on the side. However, I plan to one day turn this passion into a full time career.  

As an aspiring composer and sound designer, nothing fascinates me more than building an immersive world of sound. I do this in my daily life by crafting music and sound designs, exploring the work of other artists and sound designers, and entering competitions such as this one.  I love learning new things and I enjoy seeing what others have to offer. Music in particular has grown into one of the most positive and effective ways for me to focus my creativity. That being said, my music can be found under the name, "The Chilled Coat Projects" on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.  

Sound is an exquisite phenomenon, bound to humans through the fundamental senses of hearing and feeling. There is something primal about the urge to create, and it comes from within each of us. Having the opportunity to compile, organize, and present a project like "Trail of Light" is nothing short of amazing. I have greatly enjoyed this competition and am looking forward to whatever comes next!   

Watch the winning submission by Adam Chilcote

Sound Design by Adam Chilcote

Sound Design by Adam Chilcote

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2nd Prize Winner 2023

Sergey Gubeydulin    

 A trained mining engineer, I had a passion for music and sound for a long time. But it was not until 2019 that I, at the age of 26, decided to make a dramatic change of lifestyle from a nine-to-five job to art and creativity. 

I started with studying sound design, but in no time I realized it was not enough. So I mastered recording and mixing. Together with my basic scoring skills it gives me a unique opportunity to understand how sound effects and music interact, supporting the picture on screen. It was then that I learned how much sound can change the perception of given visual art.


Since then my credo has been: my sound must make the picture better than it is without it. I've also studied game audio and applied the knowledge in a couple of projects such as Sonic Omens by Ouroboros Studio. Currently, I work as a full-time sound engineer and take part in projects interesting for me as a freelance sound designer.

You can find out more about Sergey Gubeydulin HERE

Watch the winning submission by Sergey Gubeydulin