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Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2021

Tiziana Mazzucco

1st Prize Winner 2021

I started working in audio post-production in 2008 in Rome as a dubbing recording engineer. In 2009 I moved back to my hometown Milan and where I started freelancing. I've worked for many studios learning lip synchronization and mixing. I also worked as an engineer for a lot of video games, from recording to the final post-production.

In 2019 I stopped freelancing and now I work at The Log Audio Post & Production where I've learnt what sound design and foley are.



You can find out more about Tiziana Mazzucco HERE

Watch the winning submission by Tiziana Mazzucco

Sergei Tskhe

2nd Prize Winner 2021

I've been studying music since I was a child. I started doing sound engineering in 2004. Later in 2011, I've decided to attempt myself in the role of game audio designer in Principle sound design studio. I still work in this studio and we do sound for truly great projects. 

You can find out more about Sergei Tskhe HERE

Watch the winning submission by Sergei Tskhe


Marco Lopez

3rd Prize Winner 2021

Working with sound for film and tv

You can find out more about Marco Lopez HERE

Watch the winning submission by Marco Lopez

Marco Lopez.jpeg
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