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Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2020


Luca Pestarini

1st Prize Winner 2020

Hello, my name is Luca Pestarini and I’m an Italian audio engineer, sound designer and music producer, usually based in Milan.
Since I was a child, my decisions have always been influenced by my huge passion for sound and music, which also led me to a Music school (studying drum, guitar and singing) and later to obtain a university degree in Music at DAMS from the University of Turin. Between 2012 and 2014 I studied as an audio engineer at Accademia del Suono in Milan, learning to manage analog hardware, software and DAW like Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, and to manage live situation (permanent audio tech at ZAC! in Ivrea and many other locations).

Since June 2014 I have been working as an audio engineer at The Log Audio in Milan where I improved my knowledge in the audio post-production world working on various advertising for national and international brands, animated series, documentaries and short films. With my skills, I can now manage with passion sound design and foley projects, dubbing, music production, mix and mastering.

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You can find out more about Luca Pestarini at his Official Website

Watch the winning submission by Luca Pestarini

Lai Yu

2nd Prize Winner 2020

"I live in Yuxi city,Yunnan Province, China as a sound designer/Live sound engineer. I studied art and technology of film in Shanghai University from 2003 to 2007. 


   My career started from Yingyin studio(Shanghai) which produced sound for animations and advertisements, after 4 years practise ,I went to game industry and worked in UBISOFT Shanghai studio for 3 years, participanted in several projects such as "SplinterCell 6(co-op mode)","Horse Heaven".I learnt various knowleadges and skills from very very talented fellow around me everyday during that period.Thanks to them, it's really a treasure in my life. 


   Due to personally reason,I moved back my hometown as a freelance sound designer in 2014. My works focused on video game outsourced sound design as well as Dolby Atmos cinema audio commissioning work in China. Last autumn, I joined a local theater and started to work on live sound as sound enginner/sound designer.


    Although I have won 1st and 2nd prize in 2009 and 2011 of Digital Audio Competition in China, it's really a huge honor to win a prize in a international competition like this."


You can find out more about Lai Yu at his Official Website

Watch the winning submission by Lai Yu

Edward Durcan

3rd Prize Winner 2020

Edward Durcan is a composer, sound designer and sound engineer for film and game based in London, UK. He began his study of music through the classical guitar and went on to form metal bands, touring regularly across the UK and Europe.


He then went on to study a BA in Sound Art & Design at the University of the Arts London, graduating with a First Class Honours. During this time, he discovered and became equally intrigued by the other fields of audio such as foley, sound design and audio post-production.


With this new insight, he began working on a diverse range of commissions, such as a sound design installation as part of the 'Fantastic Bug Encounters’ exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum and composing music for many short and full feature films.


Soon after, he began an in-house audio engineer role at Soundtrack Creation studios in London where he gained credits on the recent award-winning film 'Legacy Of Lies’. At the studio, he gained other credits including audio post-production work on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s live theatre promotional trailers, 'Clash Of Clans’ promotional trailers and many music production and mixing projects for international music artists.


Most recently his passions have ventured towards audio for game and interactive media where he is currently focusing his efforts.


Previous awards include: (Winner) A Sound Effect Sound Designer Competition 2019, (Winner) LA Modern Percussion Competition 2019, (Runner-up) Metapop Birthday Extravaganza Composition Competition 2019, (Runner-up) A Sound Effect Sound Design Competition 2020


You can find out more about Edward Durcan at his Official Website

Watch the winning submission by Edward Durcan

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