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Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2019


Peter Baumann, UK

1st Prize Winner 2019

Peter Baumann is a film composer, sound designer and sound editor based in North Yorkshire (UK). Although he has a particular interest in music and audio post-production for documentary and animated films, his previous credits span a variety of genres, from sci-fi to corporate promotional material and audio-only projects.


As a French horn player and pianist, and as Head Chorister of Guildford Cathedral in his earlier years, music formed an integral part of his upbringing. He went on to join the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain before studying for a BA in Music at the University of York, graduating with First Class Honours with Distinction in 2016. 


During the final year of his undergraduate degree, he collaborated on his first feature-length nature documentary, on which he carried out all audio post-production. It was this project which sparked his interest in the many components of audio for film: foley, sound design, recording, editing, audio restoration, ADR and, of course, composition. Keen to develop his skillset further, he completed an MA in Music Production the following year at the University of York, graduating with Distinction.


Peter Baumann Photo.png

Now working in audio post-production and film scoring full time, Peter has collaborated with filmmakers across a range of genres and thoroughly enjoys the creative challenges and opportunities presented by each new project. From matching the perfect footstep sound to the gait of an animated character to composing impactful original music, he takes particular pride in his attention to detail and his ability to contribute a unique, creative voice to each and every project to enhance the narrative and audience immersion.

Commenting on this award, Peter says: "This year’s film for the Berlin International Sound Design Competition, ESCAPE, was a joy to work on, and gave me a rare opportunity to rely purely on sound design to tell the full emotional story of the protagonist and the mysterious, alien world in which she finds herself. To have won the First Prize is a huge honour. Thank you so much to everyone involved in putting together this competition, and congratulations to all of the finalists."


Previous awards include his re-score of The Mighty Coconut’s The OceanMaker, which was selected as First Runner Up in the 2017 CINE Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest. Productions on which he has worked have gone on to achieve recognition both nationally and internationally, including at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York (2016).


You can find out more about Peter Baumann at his Official Website

Watch the winning submission by Peter Baumann

Jason Grace, USA

2nd Prize Winner 2019

Jason Grace is a professional composer and sound designer with extensive experience in gaming, advertising and film audio production. While completing his undergraduate degree, Jason gained experience working on independent films in Austin, Texas. For the past 10 years, he has worked in the gaming industry, crafting the soundscape for video slot games, as well as producing sound effects albums for independent media creators. As the sound design manager at AGS in Atlanta, Georgia, Jason is dedicated to creating superior sound craft and collaborates daily with artists and developers to produce highly immersive gaming experiences.  

You can find out more about Jason Grace at his Official Website

Jason Grace.png

Watch the winning submission by Jason Grace

Bo Li, China

3nd Prize Winner 2019

Most recently, Li won the Third Price of Berlin International Sound Design Competition and Nomination for best sound editing and mixing from the International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF), along with the best sound design award from Los Angeles Film Award (LAFA) and Independent Shorts Award, among others. Li's music and sound design is a fundamental ingredient of films that have been selected by the Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy, the Berlin International Short Film Festival and -- most recently -- the Denver Film Festival. 


Li's is enthusiastic about constantly expanding his knowledge as an artist, moreover, continuing to learn from and grow with the artists he has had the good fortune of collaborating with.

Bo Li Photo.JPG

Bo Li is a Los Angeles-based sound designer, musician, and educator. His passion for sound and music dates back to his childhood, and evolved through 12 years of studying the Chinese violin Erhu to his past and present study and employment composing music and sound design for a variety of mediums. 


From animation to live-action films, to theater sound design, games and AR/VR experiences, Li has used all of the tools available to him in collaborating with and working for a variety of artists, bringing a distinctive sonic dimension to their work. 


For over a decade, Li has developed fluency on several platforms, including Logic, Pro Tools, FMOD, Qlab, and Unity, this emerging as part of his ongoing work with bolisound. 


At bolisound, Li's focus has been an approach to sound design and composition for film and video that showcases his rigorous but well-rounded study of music theory, ear training, and acoustics, along with music arrangement, form, and harmony. 


In 2017, Li's work caught the interest of the world-renowned California Institute of the Arts, and he enrolled at CalArts with a three-year full scholarship. Li's passion for sound and music, and perfectionism as an artist has garnered global attention. 


You can find out more about Bo Li at his Official Website

Watch the winning submission by Bo Li

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