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Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2023

Irelin Luo, China

1st Prize Winner 2023

"I’m Irelin (Xiaolinyi) Luo, a 22-year-old composer and fourth-year student at UCLA currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in Accounting, based in Los Angeles, USA.

My musical journey started at a young age as I was introduced to a variety of instruments, such as my mother’s guzheng and guqin, my father’s erhu, electronic keyboard, and violin, as well as some other instruments. I learned the piano and fell in love with the cello later on, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that I discovered my passion for composing. Around that time, I stumbled upon Musescore, a music composition and notation software, and began writing my original music. I quickly realized that music is a way for me to express my creativity, explore the world, and tell beautiful stories without words. My unstoppable passion for music overwhelmed me, yet it allowed me to teach myself and progress at a fast speed, from Musescore notation to Cubase music production. During this period, I was also lucky enough to have the chance to get constructive advice from a professional composer, Xun Li. As I learned more and more about music, I was immersed in the charm of film music and decided to shift my gear to film scoring and sound effects. Thanks to BIFSC, I had the chance to complete my very first film-scoring project, Genesis. As a self-taught composer, I improve my musical skills with perseverance and enjoy the time exploring different musical ideas, techniques, and styles. To me, music is limitless and full of possibilities."

Irelin Luo Pic.jpg

Hans Georg Krones, Austria

2nd Prize Winner 2023

At an early age, Hans started to play the drums, the guitar, and the piano. After playing in some bands, he got more and more into the world of filmmusic. In 2012 he decided to enter the professional filmmusic industry and started to study music at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg (Austria), which he completed successfully in 2015. After his studies, he worked as a full-time composer and sound designer for a media agency in Germany. Since 2020 Hans has been a freelancing composer working for several clients and projects.

Hans Georg Krones Image.jpg

Yulong Wei, China

3rd Prize Winner 2023

A third-year student at Xinghai Conservatory of Music (Studying piano, Computer Composing, Mixing, Sound Synthesis, Music Interaction), Yulong has a strong interest in filmmusic production and exploring a variety of music styles. Yulong, played in bands as a keyboard player and performed many times in the community. He is a holder of a three-year school scholarship. Participated in the school innovation and entrepreneurship competition, winning awards.

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