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Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2022

Emily Cheng

1st Prize Winner 2022

Emily Cheng is a Taiwanese-American composer, music producer, and classically-trained pianist based in New York. She produces music under the artist name GISULA and is currently working in film, video games, and other media. She’s a cellist and bass player as well, and enjoys blending diverse styles and eclectic instruments from all around the world. “Musical storytelling is so special to me - it feels like magic to be able to travel through worlds and elevate voices through music.” 

You can listen to more of Emily Cheng's music at

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Christopher Myczkowski

2nd Prize Winner 2022

Music has always been a part of my life in one form or another. Phantom of the Opera was the initial thing that ignited my passion for music. I am self taught on the piano and played bassoon through much of my school years. About 4 years ago, I was listening to the score from “Hook” and a new passion came to life, composing. I am grateful to have a wife that supports my passion and urged me to start composing. I am grateful for the many composers who have shaped my style and from whom I’ve learned a great deal through listening. I am grateful to all of the incredible musicians and companies that have made samples possible and allowed my ideas to come to fruition. And I am grateful to all of the YouTubers who have given countless tips on composing, scoring to film, mixing, mastering, etc.


Markus Dag

3nd Prize Winner 2022

My Name is Markus and I am a 31 year old multi-instrumentalist who loves to write orchestral music.

You can listen to more of Markus Dag music at

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