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Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2021

Mauro Caspanello, Italy

1st Prize Winner 2021

I’m a 28-year-old composer from Palermo, Italy.

I moved my first steps in music as a guitar player, and that gave me the opportunity to study a lot of jazz harmony, pop songwriting and arranging. As the years passed by I eventually became passionate about composition and film scoring. While I don’t dislike working with samplers and synthesizers, my main focus is on orchestral composition.


I actually study film scoring at the conservatory in Rovigo (Italy), and my graduation is expected to be in June 2021.

You can listen to more of Mauro Caspanello music at

Mauro Caspanello picture.jpg

Ferenc Bátri, Hungary

2nd Prize Winner 2021

Ferenc was born in Hungary and he lives in Budapest. He attended music school as a child and he continues his musical studies in parallel with studies at the applied art school. As a clarinet and saxophone player, he has gained orchestral experience in a semi-professional band. Although he is not leading a professional musical career, his strong connection with music is standing for nowadays. He works in the creative industries as a designer but continuously improves his musical skills with humility, patience, and passion. 

Ferenc Batri.jpg

Jason Stamatyades, Canada

3nd Prize Winner 2021

Jason Stamatyades is a media composer based in Toronto, Ontario. His eclectic scores have spanned everything from orchestral horror to folk, to electronic synth-pop. “I love working to picture. It often invites you to take your music to strange and far away places you may never have thought to visit on your own.”

You can listen to more of Jason Stamatyades music at



You can find out more about Danilo at his Official Website

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