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Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2020


Gianfranco Pedroli, Italy

1st Prize Winner 2020

A young Italian pianist and composer, Gianfranco Pedroli has been feeding his passion for music since the age of 4, when he started learning from the Suzuki musical method. This allowed him to play with other talented musicians and learn how to be part of an orchestra. Due to this thriving environment, he discovered his passion and aptitude for composition.

He graduated as a pianist at the Conservatoire Giuseppe Verdi of Milan and as a composer for screen at the “Civica Claudio Abbado” Music University.
He is currently based in London, attending a Master’s degree in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music, one of the most prestigious University in Europe and in the world.

He strongly believes that music combined with visual arts can give rise to an incredible and exclusive evocative power.

You can listen to more of Gianfranco Pedroli music at


Nikita Yamov, Russia

2nd Prize Winner 2020

Nikita Yamov, Russian composer for games, films and media (24 years old). 
I'm self-taught. I started my musical journey as a guitar player and then started learning orchestration along with sound design. Music by Nightwish, Hans Zimmer and Thomas Bergersen became a big inspiration for me. I wanted to create beautiful melodies and tell stories through music. I learnt as I went on. 
Now I make the music for different projects and try to improve my skills every day. I'm also a member of a folk band "Земля Легенд" (The Land of Legends).


You can listen to more from Nikita Yamov HERE

Nikita Yamov photo.jpg

Danilo Silva Aguiar, Brazil

3nd Prize Winner 2020

Danilo Aguiar has Master's Degree in Music Composition from the Federal University of Uberlândia, Bachelor of Music at the same institution and Specialist in music for games by Game Audio Academy. In 2011 he won the best project award in the "Prêmio Destaque UFU em Iniciação Científica e Tecnológica 2011, on the academic guidance of Professor Dr. Daniel Luís Barreiro. Your work is focused on compositions for eletroacoustic music, films, games and Tv.  He was assistant composer and arranger of composers Rafael Langoni Smith and Pedro Guedes in works such as "Ilha de Ferro (Iron Island)"  and "Aliados" - distributed by Rede Globo. Danilo has recently been awarded the 1st Prize Winner at Paul Thomson Spitfire Audio Contest (2019) with his composition "Mørk Hygge Overture.

Danilo Aguiar.jpg


You can find out more about Danilo at his Official Website

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