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Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2019


Kevin Queille, Switzerland

1st Prize Winner 2019

Since his childhood, he is bathed in music, his father percussionist teaches him the percussion and very fast he demonstrates a common sense of the rhythm and the real passion for music. Thus he decides to take lessons of piano. During six years, he studies the classic piano and turns then to a training of piano jazz during another eight years. During his training, he is immediately interested in the composition. Since the age of seven years, he also shows an interest in the cinema, more particularly in the assembly and begins by turning short films with his brother. Gradually, he gets to like the cinema and the participle to projects more and more mattering with what is at hand. He decides then to form for the post-production and joins the decorative arts of Geneva. During his training he realizes that he can bind his two passions, music and the cinema. He makes up the music of the movies which his brother realizes with his synthesizer and discovers the strength of filmscoring. During the projects, he forms in the theme music, he learns to record real instruments and to mast

You can find out more about Kevin Queille at his Official Website


Mehdi El Morabit, France

2nd Prize Winner 2019

Graduated in classical piano, chamber music, music theory and harmony, I continued my musical journey into the world of Jazz and improvised music that I have practiced for several years. Then I started working as a composer for television, first on animation series then documentaries and short films. I also participated in some master class in Vienna, New York and Los Angeles where I had the chance to perfect my knowledge with composers, arrangers, orchestrators and conductors such as Nan Schwartz, Conrad Pope, William Ross, Angel Velez, Christopher Young, Joe Kraemer and Michel A. Levine. In 2017, I had the pleasure of collaborating in the creation of the music for the movie Santa & CIE directed by Alain Chabat and whose music was composed by Matthieu Gonet! That same year, I also composed the music of New York 2150, a TV Pilot for a series created and directed by Harry Assouline which has been awarded in many film festivals in the United States and has won numerous awards including 3 for the music! ​


You can find out more about Mehdi El Morabit at his Official Website

Mehdi El mOrabit.jpg

Julien Casel, France

3nd Prize Winner 2019

After 15 years building high-tech startups, I decided to quit everything last year to become a full-time composer. I have been playing piano for 12 years when I was young, and the dream of making a living thanks to music has always been here. It was quite a task, as I have kids to take care about, yet it helped me learning fast. After spending hundreds of hours watching videos on how to orchestrate, to mix, etc... I started composing trailer music some month ago, with some tracks accepted by major Hollywood publishers. I also compose custom tracks for a French communication company. Now it's time for me to try film scoring...



You can find out more about Julien Casel at his Official Website

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