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Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2022
1st Prize Winner

Joachim Nyholm

Joachim Nyholm is a freelance sound designer and mixer working in animation and live-action. A background foley recording/editing, his initial work was crafting true-to-life sound effects. These days, however, he's venturing into the world of experimental sound design by manipulating everyday sounds to fit new purposes. Blending these two disciplines, Joachim creates unique soundtracks by counterbalancing the hyperreal with the otherworldly. 
His past work ranges from experimental short films to large-scale projects like Lego Star Wars, Lego Ninjago, and Borgen

Learn more about Joachim Nyholm HERE

Joachim Nyholm.jpg

" Joining the competition was rewarding in itself since it produced an awesome portfolio piece and opened up new ideas and ways of doing sound design. Winning the competition is an extra confidence booster and

I hope this can attract more similar projects". 

Watch the winning submission by Joachim Nyhom

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